Ranch History

Rust Mountain View Ranch was established by John and Violet Rust in 1947. The main reason they built the ranch headquarters in the place it is today is because there was a grove of trees that were five or six feet tall along with the view of the Prophet Mountains (mountains for North Dakota but big hills for mountainous areas). They were commercial cattle ranchers along with farmers.

In 1977 John EL and Annette Rust started taking a more active part in the ranch and farm. They added more pasture land to the ranch along with a few more cows. During this time is when the Salers evolved at the ranch. John EL really liked the survivability of the Salers cattle along with the mothering ability.

John and Violet Rust • 1st Generation

John EL Rust • 2nd Generation

Josh Rust • 3rd Generation

Jesse Rust • 3rd Generation

In 1998 Josh Rust came back to the ranch and brought the first Red Angus cows back with him. At first, John EL was fairly skeptical of the Angus cattle because he did not think that the survivability and production traits were emphasized enough within the breed. After a few years, Josh had him convinced otherwise, and John EL realized that there was definitely a place for these cattle at the ranch. Since then, we began our Angus herd in 2014 and dispersed our Red Angus herd in 2019 to 5 Oak Farms in Tennessee.

2008 was the first year the Simmentals made their way to the ranch. They were the forward-thinking of Jesse Rust. John EL and Josh thought that this was a poor decision to bring bigger framed cattle into a low-input environment. Boy were both John EL and Josh surprised by how well they were able to take the winter of 2008-2009 (108 inches of snow and several days of below 0 degrees Fahrenheit). After the winter of 2008-2009, we realized that the Simmental cattle were going to have an integral part of our ranch’s future success.

Rust Mountain View Ranch consists currently of two breeds, Angus and Simmental. John EL and Josh along with their wives are actively involved in the ranch. So currently at Rust Mountain View Ranch the second and third generations are making the day-to-day decisions with the fourth generation well on its way.

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The Rusts,
John EL and Annette  •  Josh, Trista, Keaton, Karson, Kutler & Kaylee
Jesse, Amy, Stella & Ellie
Eric, Amara, Cooper, and Hadley Gilbert

Keaton, Karson, Kutler & Kaylee Rust
4th Generation

Stella & Ellie Rust
4th Generation

Eric, Amara (Rust), Cooper, and Hadley Gilbert Rust
4th Generation

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